New To The Pup Scene


The pup community has a lot of unique terminology, just like any other niche group and its constantly evolving. If you see a word that you don’t know, try finding it in our urban dictionary.

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Finding a Local Community

There are social groups, pup friendly venues and events all over the world. We have two resources here, a community map and a social media map that any pups and handlers can publish their social media details.

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Handler Basics

We have a growing list of articles about the roles and techniques that other handlers in the community have, here are some links to our most popular articles about handlers that would help people who want to become a handler.

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Basics for a Pup

The number one thing to remember is to express yourself how you want to. There is no rulebook, experienced role models in the community can only give ideas and advice.

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Want Gear?

Gear is not necessary but it does help a lot of people in the community get into the headspace they want. We have a growing list of gear on the website for you to find out who sells them, compare and find reviews and videos of people using the gear at our library of resources on it.

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What Is The Community Like?

We are an eclectic bunch indeed. We are currently doing a worldwide research project, one of the most in depth and most participated out there. Its is the 2017 Nerdy Doggo Survey and data collection will be completed at the end of the year. Want to learn how many people have gear? how many over the age of 30? sexual or social focused? All those are more will be released later. You can find out how you can participate at the link below, whether a newcomer or long time pup. All are welcome to participate.

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