What Is Pup Play?

NEPups Definition:

Puppy play is when one person takes on the role of a pup or dog and another takes that of the handler or trainer. The pup acts like their canine counterpart and the trainer, for the most part, handles the pup like he would a biological pup. It’s not necessarily a sexual play, though it can be. For many it serves as a release of the animal part of them. It is not is bestiality: real animals are not involved.

Why? Because it’s fun! More to the point it gives the pup an opportunity to shed off their human personality and take on the simple, carefree existence of a pup. Puppies like and get lots of attention. They also however receive some control from their Handler, while still expressing their animal instincts and desires.

The Handler also revives benefit from puppy play. Pups are always happy to see you and play fetch with you. They serve as a companion and friend. The Handler has the opportunity to establish dominance through training, while still allowing the pup some freedom, especially when playing.

How Do I Know I Like Pup Play?


If you are at this website you may be a little curious already about Pup Play. Not too long ago I ran a social experiments on my friends and got some surprising results. Not too long ago I was in public at a gay pride event in my pup gear, supporting the local social pup group. A group of my friends came to visit me and see me in my full pup regalia. I had a leash attached to my collar but I had no one to hold it so I was holding it. I had to use both hands to write something down and I asked one  of my friends that enjoy seeing pup play to hold it, I noticed him grinning from ear to ear, I asked him after returning the leash afterwards why he was smiling so much holding it, the response I got was “I dunno, I didn’t realise I was smiling”.

Was less than a minute later I tried it again but with another friend who enjoys it and they also smiled without realising they did. I told them what happened and why I think this subconscious grin was a way of them showing that they like it in some form. To see if it wasn’t a double fluke, I told them I will pass it to one of my friends who we all know doesn’t enjoy pup play, and I bet he wont smile. Sure enough, he didn’t smile at all, with the look of doing a chore on his face.

So, picture it now, do you think you may smile holding a leash around a human pups neck, feeling in control of someone’s power like that or do you wish someone had a leash on you to lead you around, to be proud of having you as their pup? If you think you may, there may be a glimmer of Pup play in you in some form or another.

What Is a Human Pup?

I always get asked, and perhaps one of the most difficult to answer, simply because the definition may vary from person to person, Handler to Handler, and human dog to human dog. By common definitions, a human dog or pup is a human who assumes a canine-like role for a period of time

How Do I Get Started As a Pup?

Get on all fours and start barking! It is not always easy for a pup to get started with his puppy headspace. All pups are different, so what works for one may not work for others. The most useful thing may be to try and think like a dog thinks. There is a special bond that can be found between Handler & pup just by putting your head in his lap while he gives you ear scritchies.

Sexual or Social?


In a nutshell a majority of people who do pup play do not do anything sexual during pup play. In 2015 they conducted the first ever study An Exploratory Study of a New Kink Activity:‘‘Pup Play’’ by Liam Wignall & Mark McCormack. They found  that about three quarters of all people who participate in pup play do so on purely social context.

7 Reasons Puppy Play Is Great If You’re New to Kink

From’s article written by Alexander Cheves


You’ve probably heard about it from the growing number of gay men (and women) getting into it. Puppy play is the new kid on the kinky block. But before you go out and buy a collar, you need to know some basic information. Puppy play is one of countless different “scenes” in the world of kink. Scenes usually involve a certain power dynamic—a dominant role and a submissive role. Some scenes, like “slave and master,” have extreme power differences between roles. Some slaves hand over all aspects of their lives to their “masters,” including their finances and living space. In my opinion, pup play falls on the opposite end of the spectrum than “slave and master,” and I believe this is part of its growing appeal. The power dynamic is very relaxed. In fact, some have argued that there is no power difference at all. You treat pups as you treat our canine counterparts, with love and affection. (No, actual canines are not involved.) I’m a pup. When I meet a “handler”—someone who prefers the dominant side of the scene—I bark, wag my “tail,” and (if he’ll let me) bury my face in his crotch. This is me in my “pup” headspace. When a guy scratches my head and says “good boy,” he’s in his “handler” headspace. I think puppy play is great for kinky beginners, and here are my reasons why.


1. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but the dog is still standing. I know curious people who use pup play as a way to learn more about kink and BDSM. Curiosity is a natural part of the pup headspace—what actual dog doesn’t want to sniff everything new all the time? Remember: kink and BDSM are not synonymous, though many people use them interchangeably. “Kink” a broad term for any sex practice outside vanilla, in which certain furnishings (toys, paddles, rope) and certain wear (harnesses, gas masks) are utilized sexually. BDSM is an acronym for “bondage, domination, sadism, and masochism.” Many kinksters (kinky people) enjoy BDSM, but not all of them. For instance, someone might exclusively be into fisting, and that is not part of the BDSM acronym.


2. The pup headspace is extremely liberating.Most people live stressful lives. I balance a schedule, navigate traffic, try to save money, and go to the gym five or six times a week. My pup headspace is a chance to break from all that. I didn’t start as a pup. I stumbled into it from much more intense BDSM play. So I can say from experience that this liberating, therapeutic aspect is not exclusive to the puppy scene. Many fetishes and areas of kink, including and especially BDSM, allow you to separate temporarily from everyday life and release pent-up emotions. The result is similar to what some people get from yoga or running. I feel de-stressed and “cleansed” after a hard session.


3. The. Sex. Is. Amazing. I’m a “beta pup,” which means I’m sexually submissive (a dominant would be an “alpha pup”). For me, the pup headspace lends itself to great sex because the puppy headspace is automatically submissive to handlers. Note: someone can be an obedient and submissive pup to his or her handler and still be dominant in bed. The “headspace” is submissive, but that doesn’t require you to be a bottom. I know at least one pup that fucks his handler—but only when told to do so. Since I am a submissive bottom, the headspace adds a nice layer to sex. It’s one thing to be pounded by a great top. It’s another thing to be pounded by a great top who, after playing fetch and wrestling on the floor, grabs your collar and says “good boy” as he bends you over, doggy-style. (You can’t respond because you’re wearing a muzzle.)


3. Pups are a tight-knit community. The pup movement is new, especially among fetishes that have been around for generations. Even so, pups and handlers seem to be very proactive at creating a close community. (We also have the luxury of social media, which leathermen in the 1970s didn’t have.) I know pups and handlers across the United States and feel confident that if I needed a place to stay in any city, someone local would lend a paw. We look out for each other.

4. Sex is not a requirement. If you have any sexual hangups, no worries. Although puppy play is implicitly a sexual fetish, it does not explicitly require penetrative sex (nor, for that matter, does any kink scene). It does require a degree of performance, but if you have an adventurous sex drive and can get past the initial silliness of acting like a dog, you’re all set.


5. The gear is really cool—but not necessary.Puppy play has a vast array of gear that goes with it. I have a “tail” (a butt plug with a curved, canine-like tail attachment) that I shake and wag and look adorable with. I also have a neoprene puppy hood with floppy dog ears that covers my mouth and resembles a dog snout. Gear like this is fun to wear. It’s also pretty expensive. My puppy tail from SquarePeg cost $60. My hood cost $109 from Mr. S Leather in San Francisco—long considered the best leather and fetish supplier in the country. Top-of-the-line leather pup hoods can cost upwards of $300. Since pups tend to spend time on all fours, many wear knee pads. On top of that, many enjoy wearing leather harnesses, especially to bars, parties, and social events. Leather is a fetish all on its own, and leather harnesses can be extremely expensive, especially if you get them custom-fitted (recommended). Thankfully, you don’t need any of this stuff. All you need is the mentality.

6. Getting collared is surprisingly romantic. When my boyfriend at the time decided to collar me, we went to Home Depot. I measured different chains around my neck and asked a (very confused) sales associate to cut them. Then we went to PetsMart and bought locks and tags. I’ll never forget sitting in the car in the parking lot when he locked the collar around my neck. It was arousing, sure, but also incredibly sweet.


7. The relaxed power dynamic can make pup play seem less threatening than other scenes. I have friends that dived into scenes like “slave and master” without knowing what they were getting into. There’s nothing wrong with doing so, but you risk getting hurt or having experiences that scare you away from further exploration. Kink is filled with extremes and people who push them. And while extreme bondage, mummification, intense pain, breath play, fisting, and other practices look awesome in porn (and are awesome when done correctly and safely), I believe they require some working-up. Start with the basics. That’s what makes puppy play so approachable—it’s not an extreme. It’s a playful scene and one that requires the least amount of practice: all you have to do is bark.

The Urban Myths of Pup Play

No, no, no and no. Pup play has nothing to do with beastiality , if you talk about beastiality to most pups, they probably wont want to talk to you again or reaffirm that there is a clear separation between pup play and beastiality. .