Pup Pride Flag

Pup and Handler Pride Flag

Pup and Handler Pride Flag

Pupplay.Info has been given permission to moderate and enforce copyright of the Pup and Handler Pride Flag. Below is how it can be used.

Rainbow Pride Flag Rendition for Pups and Handlers

Public Domain Uses

Your not required to ask for permission if it falls under any of these categories

  1. For use as-is in the use of a flag without any modifications. (If you plan to create flags of this design).
  2. Used as a graphic as-is on pup play social support groups websites/social media and non-profit organisations (This does not include packs).

Other Uses

  1. You are allowed to make merchandise based on the original design after given permission if you follow our Good Example Rules.
  2. If you wish to use this design in any way for-profit, you must get explicit permission to make sure this isn’t taken advantage of.
  3. If you wish to use this for any pup-play or fetish related event, please ask for permission. If this is a recurring event, you only need to gain permission once and you can use it for future recurring events.

Circular Version of the Pup and Handler Pride Flag

Good Example Guidelines

  1. You use this for non-profit uses only (as in any profits are returned to actively benefit the community)
  2. You use this to help set a good example to the community, by promoting and respecting others right to express themselves how they want to in a healthy way.

Asking Permission

Asking Permission is easy. Please contact us at the contact form below with your request and how you plan to use it. You can ask for permission for any kind of use even if its not mentioned above. Also, make sure you mention your contact details inside the message.

If permission is granted, you’ll be given an official vector file with the raw graphic for you to have accurate color and resizable to any size. Pupplay.info has the right to refuse and and withdraw any permissions given if it feels you don’t have the community’s best interests at heart.