Tycho Aurora with his Handler and Pup Pack

Tycho Aurora with his Handler and Pup Pack

Pup packs are a major element in the greater pup community. Usually smaller and close-knit than a social group. Here is some information on elements of pups and handlers.

Dynamics – Learn the different dynamics that packs across the world have utilised.
Starting Your Own – Tips, tricks and ideas to help you form your own pack.
Consideration – Because packs are different than social groups, here is some advice to consider for your own pack.
Pack List – Majors Packs across the world to draw inspiration from.

Packs Across The World

Pups sometimes congregate and form packs, coming together not just for the moment of a play session, but for a longer lasting experience. In a pack there is an exchange of ideas, sharing adventures, building trust as a family and comfort knowing you are not alone as a pup.

Aurora Clan


Junkyard Pack


Dog Star Pack


House of Hunt

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