Pup Barks

Pup Barks

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The Launch of South Virginia Pups and Handlers


Most every state with a major lgbt, kink, or alt lifestyle community has a PAH. Everyone except for the state of virginia that all ends this year. Its official the launch of the SVA-PAH has happened.

We are very proud to announce that the state of virginia has joined the community of states with an organized PAH group. The SVA-PAH typically will be doing their events every 1st saturday if the month at MJs Tavern in norfolk virginia. We have already hosted 2 moshes and have our next one schedrule for feburary 1st call Puppy Love Night. We are excited to partner with already established local organizations to foster and create  a safe play space for our pups and in doing so also create a stronger more united communy.

If youd like to keep up with the lastest that the SVA-PAH is doing i would recommend that for now you follow me Pup Ramsey on social media as i am the treasurer and advertising graphic designer. So i always post the lastest news on our events at least for now until we create a svapah facebook page.


I hope this post reaches you pups out there in the DMV area who thought you were alone and i hope to see you out at our next mosh!


Much love





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Texting Phrases

Something I get asked often is how can I communicate with my Handler/puppy while texting. While the possibilities are endless, I have compiled a list to help. Commonly *asterisk* are used to denote they are actions.







Belly Rubs/rolls over for belly rubs




Chases (Ball, Sir, Car)

Clicks Leash

Cuddles/Cuddles next to

Curls up



Ducks (from swats)


Ear Rubs

Excited Skritches




Gives Treat

Grabby Paws



Head Pats






Lays at feet




Nose Pokes






Paws at


Pounces (on Sir, ball, treat)




Rolls Over

Ruffles Head Fur




Sir Nuzzles


Snuzzle (a snuzzle is a nuzzle with a muzzle)






Tackles Sir

Thumps foot/paw/hind leg

Throws Ball

Tosses Ball







Wags Happily








PupPlay.Info Post-SESTA

We Aren’t Going Anywhere!

The Internet post SESTA-FOSTA legislation is going to be a major upheaval for many people in the community and we want to share with you our plans and strategy for moving forward.

SESTA-FOSTA is U.S Legislation, we aren’t U.S based: Websites hosted outside of the states have other protections, the U.S do not own the internet, they can shut down sites within their borders and luckily the main source of code for pupplay.info is overseas, the worst the U.S government can do is shut down our cloud-caching services that speed it up for different regions, so worst that can happen is the site gets a little slower for U.S users but so far that is unlikely.

Social Media is going through a Paradigm Shift, We Aren’t Panicking: While yes, we totally agree whats happening is unfair and if we had a fair say, id say reinstate the full powers of Article 230. But complaining wont help anyone. We are still planning to continue to promote our resources on social media, our content already has zero explicit sexual content so our Tumblr blog will survive, we may have to change how we use Facebook if they continue on their sex warpath, and probably will have more focus on sites like Fetlife and Twitter but the website itself will continue to be our main focus. Social media is only a tool and no service online is meant to last forever, times change and so must we if we want to stay relevant.

If we have to shut down any of our social media profiles, we will let you know but so far, we aren’t

Were still going to be around, were still going to make content and resources for the pup play community!

2019 on PupPlay.Info

A letter from the founder:

There is so much I want to tell you all. Its been a helluv’a intense and life-changing year for myself personally and sadly has impacted on a lot of projects, while I’ve been able to get the community history archives onto its own independent website and an interface overhaul on the website, this is still a lot I have planned.

There are some things I am wanting to get on PupPlay.Info in 2019.

  • More Journalism – Lets showcase and highlight the great events and work that’s done in our community! This isn’t about one person or one project, this community is about all of us and I’m hoping to have this site to reflect that diversity and positivity in the community.
  • A Larger Gear Library – More artisan gear from across the world, levelling the marketing playing field to find what is out there to help you express yourself more of how you want to.
  • Larger 18+ Fetish Resources – While we started this earlier in the year I am hoping to have more published in 2019. Pups and Handlers are all on a spectrum of sexual and social and while we have focused more in the past on social pup play, I hope to have more educational resources on fetishes that pups and handlers participate in. I have amassed a lot of recipes of lube, to safety skills in certain fetishes to different ways to get a good shine on your leather, looking forward to seeing them live next year!
  • Community History Archives Expanded – While it’ll help speed up and optimise the pupplay.info website to have our archives in its own website, there is still much work to be done.
  • Canis Major & Minor Published – I am still working hard on getting these two books finished, but its hard work to release a book, let alone two! I’ve done lots of groundwork with my co-author, have had volunteers to contribute to topics that they know more about than myself, to make it the most informative it can be.

I do apologise for not meeting yours and my expectations of what was planned for 2018 on here, but this doesn’t mean things are coming to an end. Issues on my health are winding down and being managed which gives me more time to return focus onto my community projects here.

Advice About Callout Culture

Callout culture is annoying and getting old. Finding a moment when someone failed and holding them to that moment…

Posted by Amp Somers on Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Amp Somers: 10 August 2017 · Callout culture is annoying and getting old. Finding a moment when someone failed and holding them to that moment forever, while entertaining, is just rude. We’ve all done things we aren’t proud of or said things we don’t stand behind any longer. Accountability is great. But allowing someone to change, apologise, grow and do better is even greater!

Our Road Map

PupPlay.Info has been around for three years already and we’ve grown so much! But where is this growth going? We are reaching a major part of the grand plan so I thought its time we share what we have done so far and where we are going!

Some Goals We Have Achieved


This is here to help the community, not to line someones wallet. If its popular, it'll make money, so why not redirect that money into helping the community!

Advert Free

While advert could help the website expand even faster, I wanted to keep it as safe and secure to its members, as well leading by example that you don't need adverts on every website.

For the Community, By The Community

This site was never meant to house just one opinion or be a one-man-band. This website is a testament to unity by diversity. We have had countless article authors, volunteers and photography donations to the website over the years and hopefully will continue to.

Assisting Events To Form

Any money made through Nerdy Doggo has been returned back to the community via sponsoring events that continue our ethos of being inclusive to all genders, sexualities and body types. Some examples are assisting the founding of the national competition weekend in Australia and enabling some groups to be in some pride marches.

Gender Inclusive & Body Positive

As soon as someone tries to exclude groups or be "our way is the right way" your instantly setting yourself to failure, this isn't how humanity works these days. We want to treat others how we want to be treated and inspire others to be supportive of alternative views. So why not we set ourselves to this example to inspire others.

300% Carbon Negative

We aren't only just carbon neutral but were carbon negative. Our web server host was chosen for its certified green energy policy.

Our Timeline of Major Events

Here I have created a little timeline of milestones of major elements we have launched over the years. 

Launching PupPlay.Info (Q4 2015)

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Launching Nerdy Doggo (Q2 2016)

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Launching Pup Play Archives (Q3 2017)

A lot of misconceptions are out there of the origins and general history and makeup of our community. So instead of trying to correct people or share just another singular account. We started the community archives similar to the leather archives to present research and a go-to place for facts in an unbiased way.

Canis Minor Book Cover

Nerdy Doggo Research Project (Q1-4 2017)

Over 1,700 participants from all continents (except Antarctica) over 10 months contributed to over 50 pages of tabled data, this also had the first ever analytical exploration of trans members, female members and straight community members. A free e-Book became available to all to learn more about the results and use them to help form resources and inform decision makers for their local groups

Launching R18 Fetish Resources (Q1 2018)

At the start of 2018 we launched our R18 fetish resources. After Finding out in our research what the popular fetishes pups and handlers participated in, we started forming age-restricted content for sex-positive community members .

We Are Here

Redesign for Launching Phase 2 (2018)

After 3 years the website has hundreds of pages and hundreds of articles on countless topics. Sadly this means that we've reached the point that simple navigation is hard so its time to enact phase 2. This is a deep rebuild from the ground up to prepare for the standalone website launches

Standalone Website Launches (2018-9)

Pup Play Community Archives and Nerdy Doggo project will become stand-alone websites, shortly followed by the general fetish resources becoming standalone later in 2019. PupPlay.Info will be under the Nerdy Doggo Network of non-profit for-community websites which will still have the same values and ethos as it always has. Things here wont change much here, but the information will definitely become much easier to navigate.

We have had a few people confused with what PupPlay.info has turned into, what it is working towards and general purpose in the community, and rightly so. As its founder i lost track of the “About Us” page a few times there *blushes* 

I have been under the weather with several major life-changing medical issues during 2018 and while on the outside it may seem quiet, things haven’t actually slowed down; just more foundational work has been worked on.

I hope you enjoy and if you have any questions: please sign-in and leave a comment and I will reply as soon as I can. 

PupPlay Livestream With Thumper

Puppy play live!

Posted by Thumper Pedarus III on Sunday, July 30, 2017

Title Drop

I have been spending a lot of time lately thinking about things like event drop, sub drop, and most recently title drop.

Most anyone who has ever had a title and then stepped down has felt this on some level. It’s the change from being noticed back to being just a regular Joe (or Jo, as the case may be). To be completely honest, when people used to talk about it, I always kind of thought that it was just a pride thing, “oh, they’re not getting the attention that they used to.” Looking back, I realize how judgmental I was being. Somewhere inside of me, I thought that missing the status somehow meant that they had taken the title for selfish reasons. But there is so much more to it than that.
Part of the reason that I didn’t understand title drop is that my first two titles were very different than my last one. Mr Mephisto was a leather-store title. The expectations of it were to compete in IML and have fun. I competed in IML, I placed very well, and I had a shit-ton of fun. When it was over, it didn’t really affect me because no one else had had any real expectations of the title, so no one really treated me differently.

From IL Leather Sir, my first year I voluntarily stepped down because of a personal issue that was going to prevent me from fulfilling my commitments. A year later, I was asked to take the title again. From there, I worked my way up to International Trainer with no gap. Stepping down from Trainer has been tough, I’m not going to lie. So, I’ve compiled just a random list of thoughts about title-drop, in no particular order.

  1. Being in the center stage is nice. It’s nice to recognized and it’s nice to be appreciated. When that attention goes away, it’s not just ‘returning to the past,’ there is a new void that was created by the title experience. That void is real and that void is unexpected. Thinking that you can just “pick up where you left off” is an unreal expectation.
  2. While most everyone else has gone out to regular (and sometimes slow and sometimes boring) bar nights, a titleholder has spent a year or more traveling to events. Each one of the events is big…often the biggest event of the year in the city’s leather community. So, despite having busy, tiring schedules, it’s easy to become used to every weekend event being spectacular. Once the year is over, and life returns to normal, the let down from dozens of amazing, back-to-back events is tougher than people think. On top of no longer being chased after by the “silver lame-ers,” titleholders have often forgotten what regular bar nights are like. Their expectations have been reset to a much higher level, so regular nights out feel like something is missing.
  3. For some people, this has been a multi-year process. A local title to a regional title to an international title, may mean that they are walking away from something that they have been working toward for 3-4 years of continuous effort. And then, after one 3-minute speech, it’s gone. The spotlight shifts to someone new, and it’s shocking the people who never even talk to you again…the very same night…because you no longer have something to offer. You are no longer the “next, best thing.” You are no longer asked to judge a dozen contests and no longer asked to teach at the leading events…those spots are reserved for titleholders. You suddenly realize that it wasn’t YOU who earned the right to those things…it was just the title. As a person, you just didn’t matter that much.
  4. Once the step-down has occurred, it comes to light how many people only propped you up because it was politically motivated…a stepping stone for them…or out of fear of saying how they really feel. And once the title year is over, you find out how a lot of people really felt. It makes for a lot of anger and hurt.
  5. No matter how successful you felt during your title year, you begin to second-guess everything that you did. Did you do enough? Does anyone remember that time that you REALLY fucked up? Did you leave any kind of lasting legacy? All of these thoughts come rushing into your brain, and there is no one there to give you the validation that you desperately need…because they’re all paying attention to someone else now. If you try to stay in the limelight, you are judged. If you don’t do enough, you are judged. And so, you try to find some way to feel like you’ve made a difference…but you have to do it alone.
  6. The hardest part for me is that my circle of friends has changed.

**I have new friends scattered across the globe that I have become accustomed to seeing regularly, and they are suddenly “less present.” And that is harder to explain than it seems. common experience builds friendships very quickly. We’ve crashed at each others’ places, we’ve been out eating and drinking, and whining and bitching to each other about things that not everyone can understand. And yes, we’ve even cried together. Those experiences amidst high pressure, builds an amazingly strong bond.

**my other friends have moved on. Depending on the level of title and the expectation of the producers, the title holder may have been traveling more often than not. Some local/bar titles expect the winners to hit the “big three” (IML, CLAW, MAL), but much of the rest of their work is locally. The regional and international titleholders are sometimes gone more often than not…and even when we are home, we are generally helping with local events, or simply in desperate need of sleeping in. My point is that the titleholder has been working their ass off traveling, while most of their friends have been at home…hanging out with new people, getting in new relationships, or just moving on to a different point in their lives through a different job or a change of lifestyle.
When the titleholder comes back to their old world, a year (or two, or three) later, it’s often not the world that they left behind. If I go out to a Chicago Puppy Patrol event now, I don’t know a lot of the pups that are there. To them, I’m just some old guy who *isn’t* a pup. I have spent a couple of years away from the organizations that I love, and they’ve changed.

Beyond that, and perhaps the hardest transition for me, is that I’m not popular among my friends anymore. A few harbor a little resentment that I haven’t been able to make them a priority for a couple of years. But in honesty, it’s mostly that they’ve moved on. No one thinks to invite you out for dinner or a movie or to the bar, because you’re no longer on the forefront of their thoughts. For so long, when they thought about you, you were traveling someplace that sounded a lot more fun than it actually was. After a while, the invites stop…and then the thoughts about inviting you stop. And so, you come off a huge multi-year tour, to boredom and some people being assholes and the people that you love either being too far away to see or having forgotten about you.

It’s real.
It’s tough.
Be gentle on us.

[box] Original Article Written By Justin St Clair. Can Be Found at https://www.facebook.com/notes/justin-stclair/title-drop-reposted/10154695802009923/[/box]

Why I Fight for You

Taylor “Tycho” Cook: PuppPlay.Info Founder

I have been asked of late, with all that’s been going on, why do I do what I do. Why after all the stress do I still keep fighting for the community. I think its a great time to share more about why.

I have a very strong set of values, forged by a lot of hardship in my life. The ability to explore and express yourself is a great feature the puppy play community has and has helped me and a lot of others as well.

I grew up in a very traditional Mormon family, I wasn’t given a chance to express myself or explore myself, this left me not only lacking a lot of social skills when my family threw me out at 17, but also a very confused person with a series of mental health issues. But entering the world, I was not only able to make sense of the world but start working on finding out who I am as a person.

Back then I was someone insanely shy, sat in the corner, felt out of place everywhere, barely talked to anyone and spent at least 6 days a week at home, only to leave to go to the supermarket for supplies. But this wasn’t the person I wanted to be and I didn’t want to accept that I will always be like this.

Fast forward 14 years to when I actively entered the community and I went to my first mosh and literally regressed back to younger me, sat in the corner, watched, too timid to talk to anyone with my social anxiety raging away.

I know a lot of people see me as this stalwart bastion of confidence but deep down, a part of me is still this quiet introvert. I am both these people, I believe each gives me wisdom, strength and humility to help myself and others.

I know what its like to be bullied, peer pressured and targeted to try to “conform to the norm” I know how that can not only hinder someone finding the person they want to be and I don’t wish that on anyone. I want anyone who is open enough to explore themselves to have the opportunity like I did when I entered the pup community.

I have had elitist toxic members in this community try to silence me, try to bring my work into disrepute or frame me as someone controlling. I tend to either laugh it off, or go quiet. I know from experience that the truth comes out in the end and while it may sting to begin with, it’ll be worth it in the end.

Who I am as a person, externally, mentally and spiritually has changed a lot since I joined the puppy play community and by my own ethos, if I can explore myself and find who I want to be, so can anyone else. Age doesn’t have to restrict you, I’m 32 and I am closer now to who I feel is the person I want to be than ever before.

For many, puppy play is not just a roleplay, a fetish; its an identity, for some its skin deep, some it goes right to their core. I can see from personal experience and those I help that there is many paths and journeys in the community, and as long as your open minded, there is no wrong path to take. Finding out what you don’t like is easily as valuable as finding something you do like.

I’m no one special, I honestly believe that. Because anything I can do, so can you, you can be a role model for others, you can be the quiet pup in the corner, you can be the pup who only pups out at home or only at fetish events. What matters to me is you get to be yourself and that is what I believe makes this community awesome.

While there is no legally bound right to freedom of expressing yourself, I try my best to create an environment to allow people to experiment and try things. This is what my work in the community is trying to do in the end. Inspire and help you find what you like and don’t like, its not a cure-all but this facet of a personality has helped a lot of pups and handlers blossom their self-confidence and become altruistic and help others in the community and that cant be a bad thing in the end.