You might not be able to see it, but your pup will have a tail, of course in some breeds it’s been docked, but they’re there none-the-less. Your pup will want to wag theirs. They might be content to wiggle their butt in an imitation of wagging a tail, or they may want an actual tail to wag. Most pups would love to have a tail.

There are a couple of ways you can give your pup a tail:

1. An insertable tail on a butt plug. You can buy these off the internet and from some sex shops, along with pony or even piggy tails. From what I’ve seen there are two types:

  • Rigid latex or silicone shaped like a perked up tail (that can be twisted round so that it’s pointing downwards to show when your pup is unhappy or apologetic)
  • Hair. Theoretically, you should be able to make your own using a plug and some false hair (from wigs or the like).
  • Depending on your pup’s breed, and what you both want aesthetically, these two options are fairly good even if they can be expensive. The hair tail has the advantage that it is swishy and can vary in length, where the rigid one can be turned to suit the mood (although in reality dogs rarely stop to turn the tail round).

The disadvantages of an insertable tail: it has to be taken out for the pup to do their business and if the pup is wearing mitts then this is down to the owner; prolonged wearing of a butt plug can cause intestinal discomfort/a build up of trapped wind/gas that can be painful for the pup; irritation of the anus; If your pup is male the tail will have to come out for breeding (should both be into that); also… sneezing while wearing one can run the risk of shooting it across the room. Advantages: the pup can feel it’s presence like it’s an actual extension of self; it can keep the pup open if pup and owner are into sexual play while in pupmode; it can be sexually stimulating to the pup (which can be a disadvantage if pup doesn’t like sex mixed in with their pup play).

2. A strap on tail. This speaks for itself; a harness or belt is worn with a tail attached to it so that it sits in the correct position. These could probably be made for cheaper than they could be bought, using wig hair, etc. The advantage is that it leaves the anus free for the pup doing their business or to be mounted; it’s more comfortable and can be worn indefinitely without the need for a break from it; and, it can be placed in a more realistic position. The disadvantages: the tail is not a part of the body and so the pup might not feel properly connected to it even if they can wag it; if the harness is not very secure then it could slip from position and you would have to keep repositioning it; and, the harness might cause chaffing. There is no direct sexual stimulation from this kind of tail, and that could be an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on whether you and your pup are into sexual activities in pupmode.