2017 Melbourne Pride March Attendees

Victorian Pups and Handlers Group


  • Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Major Links

Current Leadership:

  • Taylor Cook (Tycho)
  • Scott Vanderham (Sabre)
  • Dylan Lewis (Rhys)
  • Lance
  • Cricky

Group Composition & Description:

Founded in May 2015, VIC-PAh is an all Inclusive group of all genders and sexualities.

Major Hosted Events:

  • 2017: APHC, Australian Pup and Handler Competition
  • 2017: Melbourne Pup Pride March
  • 2016: Melbourne Pup Pride March

2016-Current Logo

Past Group Organisers:

  • PJ (Founder)
  • Wolfpup (Founder)
  • Terra (Team Member)
  • Rebecca (Team Member)