Major Contributors

Tycho – For Building This Website

pupOUTgear – For making several awesome articles like Naming Your Human Dog

SEA-PAH – For their awesome starter collection of resources for aspiring human pups and interactive map of some of the social groups across the world that helps make our map the most complete one in the world.

Sirius Pups – These are a big pup pack in Australia and have an excellent collection of resources for pup play across several websites, some of their content has been utilised in this educational website.

Photo Contributors

  • James – Twitter @MrSir1988
  • Rocket – Twitter @pup_rocket
  • Gadget – Twitter @gadgetau
  • Cobalt – Twitter @PupCobalt
  • Chris Davin – For his painted-style pup hood image
  • Pup Hoodie – For His Awesome photos
  • PuppyprideUK –  For their tumblr feed in the sidebar
  • Tycho, Biru & Scuba – For the group pack shots.