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This is a timeline of significant events and milestones amongst Competitions, social groups and community support that have helped around the global puppy community.

Still Under Construction: This is a complimentary resource to the book Canis Major if you are looking for more resources. If you wish to donate to the archive we are looking for first-person accounts of events and photographs to be donated.


  • Oldest known photograph of fetishized Animal Roleplay was a woman in Paris, France in 1912 sporting only a leopard print underwear with a cat tail attached.



  • Oldest known pup play competition at DinSky (Dungeon in the Sky) London, U. K. In September 95 DinSky saw the first SM Show dog trails. There were just 3 contestants, but the show attracted a lot of interest from the public at that time. It was for this event that The Dog House venue was first launched to test the water of interest.


  • SM Show Dog Trials ‘96 Pup Competition:  One of the most popular events at DinSky’96 was the SM dog show which was Sponsored by The Doghouse. This event featured 8 human dogs and their handlers who were judged on their appearance, handling, behaviour and the completion of an obstacle course.


  • Oldest Known pup workshop held in England at DinSky London, 9 August 1997.
    Two dozen hot men attended, some on leash with their Masters. With the able help of Master Bob and dog “Rusty”, demonstrated time-tested techniques for getting your man down to all fours — and back to two legs (reluctantly) — using four-legged bondage, hypnosis techniques, leash work and other technical aspects of bringing a man into the dog head. The workshop also covered the S/M roleplay aspects of canine scenes: emulating dog behaviour, status dynamics and power exchanges, and how life on all fours can have a positive effect on the mind and spirit as well as the body.
  • Oldest known website at thedoghouse.org was founded, it existed till Mid 2007. What is interesting is that it was already an all inclusive community of all genders and sexualities.

This club is for pan-sexual dog boys and bitches – humans with a animal soul. Not forgetting  the Owners, Trainers, Masters or  Mistresses who like them that way. The SM/Fetish scene industry has seen ‘Sub/Dom play’  becoming very ‘common-place’ diluting its essence. Still not at ease with true diversity, true SM lifestyle  is being driven underground, leaving only frivolous fashion SM left to public view. If you want to explore the animal within, underground SM, are seeking a Master/Owner or slave pup, this is the place for you.

The Doghouse team


  • First mainstream television mention of fetishized pup play occurred on the tv show ‘Will and Grace’ which was screened on November 1998 (Season 1, Episode 6)


  • First ever annual outdoor event called Wildlife Refuge was held near Chicago of August 1999. A campground space for a weekend for different fetish interests including pups to relax and have a chance to express themselves in the outdoors for a weekend. By 2001 they had partnered up with LeatherDog.com to host pup play seminars and workshops at the annual event to help educate newcomers to the pup scene.


  • Another major community resource website was founded at leatherdog.com on 30th May by Michael Daniels (was live until 2005).


Mr S Leather 2001 Catalogue

  • Mr S Leather Started selling their first ever pup hood
  • First International Puppy Competition hosted in Houston, USA and was won by Pup Ray (aka northpup) with the Oldest known dog pride flag was publicly unveiled at this inaugural IPC event in Houston, TX

The weekend of 17-19 August 2001 brought out the boys, the bois, and the pups in Houston for the Lone-Star boys of Leather (LSboL) first anniversary run and International Puppy Contest. The weekend was packed with cocktail parties hosted by Houston-based clubs and several 50/50 raffles. During the course of the weekend, the LSboL raised over $1,000 for the Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago and the local Colt 45s Stone Soup program.

The centrepiece of the weekend was the 2001 International Puppy Contest, won by the sole contestant, ‘north pup.’ Hailing from Dallas, TX and trained/owned by Messrs. Malcolm Mitchell and Jerry Baltazar of Anchorage, AK, north pup’s given name is arnold ray witt, and he prefers to be known as ‘pup’ or ‘ray’. Scott stevenson, aka wiredpup, unveiled his Leather Dog Flag during the contest, and attendees were treated to entertainment by several local singers, dancers, and performers as well as an auction of items donated by Big Dog Leather and Leather In Exile.

Judges came from across the country for the event, and included Mr. South Plains Leather 2001 Stephen Scott, Mr. Texas Leather 2001 Dan Azevedo, Ms World Leather contestant Ann Brown – better known as Ms. Mine, leatherDOG.com’s own Michael Daniels, American Leatherboy 2001 bryan ‘pup’ mullikan, and Southeast Drummerboy 2001 paul ferreira.

  • 2001 Dog Pride Flag

    Oldest Pup Pride Flag announced


  • Inaugural Great Lakes Puppy Contest. Nov 15 2002 @ The Cellblock, Chicago, IL. Judges: Sir Michael, Kevin Klosterman (MAsT) Kendra McClain (INDIANA OLYMPUS LEATHER 2002) Boy Phil (IL LEATHERBOY 2002)  Boy David (GREAT LAKES DRUMMERBOY 2001) Jon Rybka (MR MARYLAND LEATHER 2002) Pup Tim (INTERNATIONAL PUPPY 2002) Tallymasters  Jamie McKim (INDIANA MR DRUMMER 2001) Cameron Harding


  • Launch of pup community forum site pupzone.com


2011 Pup Bone Pride Flag

  • Inaugural Release of the Pup Bone Pride Flag
  • First time pups and handlers walked in London, U.K Pride March. There was 6 participants


  • One of the most popular online support groups on Facebook “Puppy 101” was launched.
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  • Second Printing of the book “WOOF!” by Michael Daniels
  • Founding of Victoria Pups and Handlers social group in Melbourne, AUS
  • Founding of Queensland Pups and Handlers social group in Sydney, AUS
  • February: Inaugural Mr Puppy Europe Competition Held
  • November: Inaugural Mr Puppy UK Competition Held. Pup Zentai’Spot’ became titleholder
  • December: Public Release of the academic paper “An Exploratory Study of a New Kink Activity: “Pup Play” by Lian Wignall & Mark McCormack “
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  • Formation of South Africa puppy group
  • January: Launch of community resource site Pupplay.Info
  • January: First year that Victorian Pups and Handlers (VIC-PAH) marched in Melbourne, AUS Pride March
  • May: Release of U.K Documentary “Secret Life of Human Pups”


2017 Pup and Handler Pride Flag

  • Inaugural Australian Pup & Handler Competition
  • IPC and ITPC began the merging process and created IPAH Weekend in St Louis, U.S
  • Inaugural Mr Puppy Italy Competition
  • Inaugural Mr Puppy France Competition
  • Inaugural Mr Puppy Switzerland Competition