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care2Introduction – Different aspects of taking care of your human puppy.
Grooming – Are you a handler and wanting to groom your puppy to be nice and clean? follow these tips so not to hurt your human pup.
Marking and Tagging – From name tags, collars to tattoos and micro-chipping, there’s lots of options if you want to mark your stamp on a pup.
Play Spaces – Advice on how to set up a private at home or public venue play space.
– Ideas and advice for Human Safe Food that can be used in a pup play setting.



Extract from Woof! By Michael Daniels

Unlike real dogs, human dogs can be taught to groom themselves, and most often are given this responsibility. Maintenance of good personal hygiene is of high importance in any leather boy/sub/pup. However, some Handlers may, from time to time, desire to groom their human dogs, adding to the headspace and the fun.

Whether the human dog is furry, hairy, or clean shaven is up to his Handler. The same applies to facial hair, body hair, and head hair.
If the Handler chooses to groom his own human dog, the choice of equipment is important. Dog shampoos are designed to not remove the natural oils from the dog’s coat, and will leave an oily residue on the human dog. Also, flea and tick shampoos, or Other medicated animal shampoos, are virtually guaranteed to irritate human skin. Stick with a good scent-free soap and standard human shampoo when bathing your human dog Tools and techniques for body hair removal are equally important. Electric hair clippers, sometimes called buzzers, are used to level Off sideburns, and cut hair on the head. Usually with these devices, a series of attachments or blades is fit over the clippers to adjust the length of hair. Be certain to keep the clippers cleaned and well-oiled to prevent pulling or snagging the hair.

Body hair removal is familiar to most in the leather BDSM scene, and takes on several forms, including use of clippers and razors. To remove the human dog’s body hair, from his nose to his toes, I recommend a beard and moustache trimmer as by far the best way we have found to remove body hair without the annoyance Of shaving nicks, cuts, and razor bumps.

For the genitals and anus, shaving is the preferred method for removing hair, and can be a task assigned to the human dog himself or one performed on him by the Handler. In either case, use hot water and a fresh razor blade. Choice in shaving cream and razors is a matter Of personal preference – we recommend Aveeno shaving gel – designed to reduce or eliminate razor rash and bumps, and the Gillette Sensor twin-blade razor or Gillette Mach Ill triple-blade razor.

Electrolysis, including genital electrolysis, is another option, but very expensive and absolutely permanent. Waxing works, but can be painful. I recommend avoidance at all costs of depilatory products which tend to irritate the skin and are absolutely not to be used in or around the genitals, anus, or any mucous membrane areas

Marking and Tagging

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There are plenty of human foods that can serve as a substitute dog food. Cookies, crackers, anything bite-size your pup enjoys may be usable as treats. Cold canned beef stew is a perfect analog for wet dog food. Certain breakfast cereals look a lot like kibble (dry food). You can be creative and make your own food and treats.

Things to Remember

  • DO NOT use dog food. This is not suitable for human consumption in any case. This question comes up a lot from those starting to get into puppy play. Despite what you may have heard, animal dog food is not fit for human consumption. Besides not meeting the dietary requirements of humans, there are many components such as bone meal and animal byproducts in dog food that simply aren’t digestible by humans and could make you sick.