Risk Aware

The 'idea' of 'risk aware' has been around a long time. The problem being that most people are not really aware of the risks at all. There is an idea that informed decision making should exist, it should. However if you ask someone about say 'breath play' they will...

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Who Are We?

We call ourselves a community. Within that community we stand uneasily in the company of others of our kind. There is an awareness of presence, that within those we associate with something outside of what is considered normal exists. That abnormality has lain across...

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The quality or state of being Spiritual! It means so many different things to each of us that it is not possible to clearly state what it is. So, I will express this from my personal viewpoint. When I view myself as a whole being I consider myself to be 3 distinct...

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Tops Disease

Tops Disease is the corruption of power. Corruption is to degrade with unsound principles, to alter from the original or correct form or version, to become vicious, tainted, rotten. This often occurs with a parallel degradation of moral values, the impairment of...

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Preadators and Fakir

Predator ~ A person who hunts for, seizes and grasps something or someone by violence. That taken with a desire to be devoured or destroyed (consumed and discarded). To commit violence, robbery or fraud. Plunder, ravage, rob. Fakir ~ The wonder-worker. One that passes...

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Submissive Mythology

Submissives and Abuse... If a human being at some point in their childhood becomes the focus of physical and/or sexual abuse does this then turn them into a submissive at some later point in their lives? There would appear to be lots of things which would support this...

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Transient Trust

A submissive has no alternative but to place a measure of trust so great in a Dominant that it constitutes an absolute trust or faith that this same Dominant will not breech the foundational limits and ultimately the very life of that submissive while that submissive...

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Sometimes it is in the feelings and responses of others that we learn or relearn simple lessons. In this I have been both perpetrator and victim. BDSM is a non-conventional lifestyle. It is comprised of people who have fallen outside the boundaries of conventional...

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Pup Kona Step Aside Speech

2 ½ years… I remember when I first wagged my little tail on the mat floor, playing with the other puppies at one of the moshes. I was exhausted and happy, panting up a storm and then curling up in a cuddle pile on the edge of the matts. I fell in love with the...

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To accuse falsely. To call into question, require verification, explanation or justification. To express that one is unjust or invalid. To accuse, to reproach or object. To offer challenge is to call into question the reasoning, motivation and indeed thought processes...

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Discussing Packs

Are you in one? Have you been in one? Don't want to be in one? Are they good or bad and why? Additional question - Was it sexual or non-sexual? For all members or just some? KV: Lead one. We are still working out all of our dynamics. But we are family and it...

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Self Esteem

Self - a dynamic unstable gathering of the five transitory personal elements of body, perception, conception, volition and consciousness, that in itself possesses no inherent substantiality or enduring quality and that continues in constant flux until final...

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We call it our 'little green eyed monster', jealousy is that which devours our relationships, inspiring mistrust, anxiety, fear. Jealousy occurs when we suspect rivalry or unfaithfulness, we are insecure and fear the loss of the devotion of that which we covet. We...

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